Spend Christmas in blue using your credit card!

We are approaching the end of the year. And with him, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents for family and friends. In addition to spending on parties and get-togethers. The credit card comes into play at this time, turn on the alert!

If we are talking about the end of the year, it is time to start planning financially for the next. A custom that should, or at least should be adopted by all. Thinking ahead helps overcome unforeseen events.

He can be a villain or a great ally for your Christmas. The credit card, if used consciously, helps control spending while still giving that power to buying the secret friend’s memories.

Do you already have a credit card? So in this post, you learn how to get the most out of plastic money. If you don’t have one yet, how about thinking about requesting it? You can do it over the internet. You don’t even have to leave home!

If you are not up to date on finances and cannot get a credit card, resort to some cards that may have immediate approval. And enjoy going to the Christmas shopping.


Christmas shopping without wrapping up with invoice

Credit card without annuity

Will you pay in debit or credit? If you choose the debit function, the product amount will be debited from your card-serving account immediately. Credit is when the customer decides to pay only next month

Christmas shopping may require a slightly higher expense, so you can split your purchases. Our tip is if you have the money saved or expect more credit next month, you would prefer to pay in one installment.

This prevents you from having debt for months to come. Remember that, at the beginning of the year, comes with expenses such as IPVA, IPTU, etc.

If your financial life is not comfortable, it is best to wipe the bill this holiday season. Put at the tip of the pencil what you want to buy. Then see what can be cut, which is superfluous. Don’t become the family Santa Claus.

We know how cool the feeling of gratitude is to family and friends. But think of your pocket and the tight neckstrap. The important thing about Christmas is to be with your loved ones.

We are not talking about setting aside gifts. But yes in control. Pleasing those we love is very good. And once again the credit card is your ally.

Use technology to your advantage. In it you can consult the limit and your purchases already made. Thus, being able to organize your expenses and not extrapolate in the final invoice.


Christmas in blue

christmas loan

No doubt, research is a key item for those who don’t want to spend a lot. Prices really vary from store to store. Our tip is to use the internet at this time.

With access to various segments, the internet has a wide competition, where, in the comfort of your home and without rod, you get the best prices.

Using comparators is a great idea. Websites like Loom and Ruscape, offer various prices from different stores, the same product searched. Resulting in more economy.



credit Benefits

Your Christmas gift may be on your credit card. Did you know they have benefits with the card and for free? Promotions, discounts and advantages. Learn to enjoy each of them.

If you’re a travel fan, sign up for your frequent flyer program and earn points for your purchases. With a certain point value, you can exchange for airline tickets.

Enjoy the advantages of your flag. Programs like Mastercard surprise you, buy one product and get one more for free. Go from Visa gives you discounts on purchases and benefits on air travel.

If your credit card is Gold, Platinum or Black, you can enjoy free services. Like airport VIP rooms, purchase and value insurance, concierge, among others.


Without annuity

Without annuity

If you intend to spend a little this Christmas and control yourself more, how about a card that does not overcharge for it? Cards without annuity help at the end of the invoice. Just don’t forget to pay the bill on time!

Stay tuned on your invoice. Not spending the limit is another good tip to follow. Track your spending and keep in mind what to buy. Don’t go shopping just because the price is small. In the end, what seemed to compensate, gets out of control.

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