Best Credit Card Tips

We are saying goodbye since year with great pride. It was a year of improvement, to have you around, dear reader of the Foreloan blog. And we don’t stop there, more news comes. How about seeing the best credit card tips of 2018 to get your year off right? Using the card, better known as the “plastic money”, can help your financial life. That’s because, with today’s convenience, you can keep track of your spending and keep track of each. Do you know how to order yours?

If you don’t have a credit card yet, why not consider it? In addition to helping control, you can have a longer time to pay for your purchases or installment that you are looking at. Without leaving home, you can ask yours.

Here we give you several tips on how to choose the best one for you. Once you know which one fits your profile the most, it’s time to apply. On our site you have the main cards. Just fill out the form and wait for the issuing bank to reply in your email.

Best Credit Card Tips of 2018 – Issues

Have questions about your card or even a problem? Here we have already given some solutions. How to unlock, lost card or password, cloned card, among others. Want to see the best?


Once you apply for your card, it can take up to 15 business days to arrive at your address. After that, for safety, it comes blocked. To perform the unlock there are several ways. One is by the application. Usually, cards have apps for control. With them, the services you find in a bank are available on mobile. In addition to the mobile phone, unlock via internet banking or self-service machines.

Cloned Card

credit card

Never disclose your data on social networks. A lot of people make the mistake of posting photos with the card image. Which facilitates fraud. Also, inserting the card into untrusted machines is also a risk. If you suspect any changes to your credit card, or even purchases not made by you, contact your card administrator immediately and report the suspected cloning.

Password Loss

There are many numbers of our daily lives. Password then… Losing them or forgetting them is not difficult. If this happens to you, the application is easy to recover. If the card does not offer this service, you can recover the password through self-service or a bank branch.



Want one of the best credit card tips of 2018? So, do you know what your card banner is? It is who determines where your card will be accepted. It is located in the lower right corner of the card. The banner also offers services such as: benefits and advantages for its customers. In these links below, we talk all about them:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Link
  • American Express


One of the best credit card tips of 2018 is for those who are not always in easy financial life. Getting approved on a card can be difficult for some people. If this is your case, do you know why you may be denied? One of the tools to know if the user is trustworthy is Score. A type of score given to people according to consumer behavior. If the score is low, the chances of getting a card fall. But what if the person doesn’t have a bad name and still can’t get a card? Just as we say score is one of the tools, there are others to measure customer confidence.

In addition to depending on other factors, stay tuned to your history. If you do not have a negative name at the moment, but in the past, it counts a lot. Let’s say, it takes a while for the bank to trust the user again. If you have a negative name, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a credit card. Many people report that they get a card even with the dirty name. Also, there are some negated cards you may request. Or, read the post about cards that do not go through consultation.

Best Credit Card Tips of 2018 – Approval on Time

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One of the most sought after topics on our blog was “credit card with immediate approval”. That is, if you need a fast card or want to know if it’s been approved in a short time, know that there are these cards. Some go through credit analysis like the others. Or even do not search credit protection agencies. The result if the card will be awarded is given within minutes. One example is: prepaid card and Paraiva card.

By the way, do you know how the bank analyzes the customer? As we said, it depends on a number of factors. And here in the blog we already show which are the main ones. You can enter the link above and know everything! The analysis serves to know the degree of confidence of the person applying for the card. The bank needs to know if that person can honor their payment commitments. Reducing the number of defaults.


Your credit card is much more than a piece of plastic. Well, you can see that reading all he can do, right? You must first remember that the card is a type of loan.

For example, do you know what the numbers are printed on it? They tell you which customer you are. What is your card, account and how to identify you. In addition to the numbers made for security of your plastic money. Speaking of curiosity, let’s talk about the cards without annuity. They are great for those who want to make their purchase, installment and pay nothing more for it. The best known in the category is Nubank. But if in case you have not been approved in it, there are others like it which you can try to request.



This is one of the best credit card tips of 2018 that we chose. Well, many people seek to increase card limit. When your plastic money arrives, the limit may not be so high. But if you use it constantly, this may be the beginning to get a raise. The more you use your card and your limit, the administrators reevaluate your credit. But you can also ask for a raise through the channels the administrator makes available.


Who doesn’t like to enjoy the benefits that are offered! Just like other advantages, for those who like to travel, the credit card also offers. Like the miles. There are specific cards for collecting and exchanging punctuation for tickets. We hope you enjoyed our tips this year. Feel free to read our posts and learn a lot about the world of credit card.

Take the opportunity to get into 2019 by planning your financial life. Stay tuned for card offers out there and make sure to check the interest and fees charged by each. If you have any questions or suggestions, send us in the comments. A happy 2019 and see you next time!