Automobile pawnbroker: loan vehicles, receive cash – Car loans

Do you currently live in financially troubled times when your house bank is everything – just not a reliable partner to help you out of the misery? Then a reputable car pawnbroker is the better choice. There you loan your vehicle and receive instant credit in cash with which you can solve your worst financial worries. has details

Good Credit is such a professional car pawnshop that grants you a 3-month mortgage loan without you having to sell your vehicle. A minimum of bureaucracy, maximum discretion and no influence by Schufa at any time – that is Good Credit, where several decades of experience from the pawn and automotive industry are waiting for you.

Which vehicles can I pledge with us as a vehicle pawnbroker?

Which vehicles can I pledge with us as a vehicle pawnbroker?

With us as your reliable vehicle pawnbroker, you can mortgage a wide variety of vehicles. Of course, this includes cars from numerous brands that you can cash into without a sale. Many of our customers also borrow motorcycles from car pawns in order to obtain short-term liquidity.

If you own a classic car, you can also use it as a deposit. Of course, we keep it in an insured building like all other vehicles. We also accept motorhomes, trucks and even sports boats as your personal vehicle pawnbroker. Would you like to lend a vehicle from another category? Just contact us so that we can find a satisfactory solution together with you.

At which locations are we active as car pawnbrokers?

If you would like to make Good Credit your vehicle pawnbroker, you will find us at six different locations throughout Germany. You can discover them in Bavaria and in the Rhine-Main region. These are the following cities:

  • Rosenheim (Bavaria)
  • Munich Bavaria)
  • Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Wiesbaden (Hesse)
  • Frankfurt am Main (Hesse)
  • Darmstadt (Hesse)

Of course, we also include the surroundings of these places in our service. If you come from a completely different region in Germany, please contact us. We may find a workable solution with you that will make both sides happy.

What do I do if I want to mortgage my car?

What do I do if I want to mortgage my car?

You, as your fair vehicle pawnbroker, provide us with the crucial information about the vehicle to be mortgaged by fax or phone. This can be done in an unbureaucratic and informal manner, but it is very important for the calculation of the vehicle deposit value and based on it for the amount of your deposit loan. Therefore, please answer the following questions:

  • What type of vehicle is it?
  • Which model do you want to borrow?
  • What mileage has the vehicle covered?
  • How is the condition?
  • When was the vehicle first registered?
  • Have extras been installed afterward?

Please select the car pawnshop in your area.

When does the car pawnshop meet?

After we have calculated the vehicle deposit value, we will inform you of the amount of your instant loan. Now you have the choice: Would you like to accept the offer or not? If so, we will make an appointment with you. If our schedule and your permit, this appointment may take place on the same day. As a vehicle pawnbroker, we not only need the vehicle but also other things:

  • key
  • Abmeldebescheinigung
  • Motor vehicle certificate
  • Vehicle registration
  • Checkbook, repair documents, etc

Confirm your identity with your ID card before we and you sign the mortgage loan agreement. We will then pay you your instant credit immediately.

How long does the instant loan from a vehicle pawnbroker run?


With Good Credit, you choose a car pawnbroker that gives you plenty of freedom around the term. Our flexible terms have proven their worth in the past so that our customers receive individual, tailored solutions. Our regular term is 3 months, but you can extend or shorten it.

If, for example, you unexpectedly get a large amount of money, use it easily to trigger your car prematurely. One call is all it takes to pick up your vehicle the next day. If you plan to extend the vehicle pawnshop by a maximum of three more months, you will pay all accrued costs. A completed sale is of course also possible.

What costs will I incur with our car pawnshop?

A reputable car pawnbroker has nothing to hide and transparently informs you of all costs. With car deposit, three cost points are waiting for you, all of which we have aligned with the legal requirements :

  • fees
  • interest
  • demurrage

We calculate the stand fee day by day, the amount is based on the vehicle type. Interest and fees, on the other hand, accrue monthly – to the exact day. Now get short-term liquidity by loaning your car from Good Credit!